Friday, October 12, 2012

Costumes and #50!

Halloween is getting closer!!

I LOVE this time of year. The trees outside our windows are turning yellow, the air is getting cooler, and our hot chocolate supply is running low.... I love the Fall.

I have lots of great stuff coming up this month that I am looking forward to! But the thing I'm most excited for is Halloween. Especially since my costume arrived in the mail! My husband Max and I are going as SWAT team members. Here's some pics....

Just in case you were wondering.... Those are BB Guns. Don't freak out. Lol! (I'm terrified of actual guns.) We look pretty awesome, though, don't we? We had way too much fun trying them on. Halloween is going to be a blast!

So, here's some even cooler news. I have crossed another item off my 101 in 1001 list!!

Pull an all-nighter for fun.

My husband and I stayed up all night just spending time together on Wednesday. There was no school on Thursday due to Fall Break, and he also had Thursday off of work, so we figured.... Why not? We felt like we hadn't seen each other in days with everything that has been going on, so we stayed up and watched shows and played video games and drank hot chocolate and Mountain Dew and just enjoyed each other's company. I'm amazed that I wasn't even that tired. We ended up going to sleep at around 5AM, and by some MIRACLE the kids actually slept until about 10, so we managed to still get about 5 hours of sleep! It was crazy. We had such a great time. I wish I had pictures to show you all, but we were having so much fun I just completely forgot.

Well, that's it for today. Got a busy week ahead that includes Vincent getting glasses, Eva getting her ears pierced, and my first pedicure ever. Be sure to check back in so I can tell you all about it. =)


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