Monday, March 12, 2012

First Sale, Treasuries, & Revamping!

Hello, hello, hello!! I have some fantastic news!! I got my very first sale on Saturday night! Whoo!! It was the cheapest item I had in stock haha. But it was also my newest item, and was only on the virtual shelf for a few days before it got snatched up! I took this as a sign and got busy making more of them. I shipped it out today! I am so excited. Somewhere in Michigan my bows are going to adorn some cute little girl's hair. Such an awesome thought. I also sent one of my newly received business card with it =) Hopefully she will pass it along to someone who compliments her daughter's bow? We shall see.

In other news, I have discovered (or rather had shoved in my face by other Etsy members..... in the politest of ways of course) that the zebra print I had been using as a background for my products was waaaaay too busy and was drowning out the product. After looking around on Etsy, I stumbled upon someone else that was using a busy background like me. It was black with white polkadots. And suddenly, I agreed. I could not see their product for the life of me. SO! I have spent the last few days REVAMPING all of my photos. And, can I just say. They look fantastic. I am super proud of my work. I feel like some kind of fantastic photographer. And all I had to do was buy some white fabric, lay it out in front of a window during high noon, change my camera setting to "natural light" with the macro setting active, and take some super close ups. Then on my computer I hightened the brightness & contrast a little bit, and voila. Masterpieces began pouring into my shop!! It really gave me a new found appreciation for treasuries and how beautiful they are. (I have to admit, I didn't really understand the whole concept before.) Which brings me to my next subject.... Treasuries!!

I created my very first treasury today. It can be found here. Because let's face it.
The world would be a better place if everything was pink.

Beautiful, no? I love it!! There will definitely be more treasuries in my future. I enjoy it a lot. And I hope to give some nice exposure to my fellow Etsians this way. I am looking forward to the day when I am featured in someone's treasury.

Oh, one more thing before I wrap up. I got my very first sale from something I discovered called a link up party!! You link your new listings onto someone's blog so all their readers can see it. SUCH a good idea. I tell you, the Etsy community is brilliant!! So, in honor of getting my very first sale from that, I think I will link my blog to THAT blog, and also host my own link up party!! ......Some day. Not yet, lol. But I am looking forward to it, hope you are too!!

'Til next time my fellow entrepreneurs!!


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