Thursday, March 8, 2012

Research, How-To's, & Inspiration!

Hello again, blogosphere! Or whatever you wanna call it. It's been a pretty amazing couple of days. I have been RESEARCHING like crazy. Youtube, other etsy shops, etc. I've been learning a lot. I have started experimenting with my first RIBBON BOWS thanks to my awesome teacher mommycraftsalot on Youtube. Woo! Also I am EXPLODING with ideas for centers on my bows. Thanks to The Fairy Factory shop on Etsy I have been really intrigued and inspired by rhinestone buckles as centers. SO CUTE! Also I have discovered POLYMER CLAY!! Wow. There are so many uses for it!! If I were made of money I would be heading to Jo-Ann right now to pick up 100-lb bricks of this stuff. Seriously. Endless possibilities. And you don't even have to be an artist to use it. (Which I am NOT, so this is good.) You should seriously see some of this polymer clay jewelry on Etsy. Like the stuff made by beadscraftz? Crazy. Also I have been hearing a lot about Michael's Arts & Crafts. I have never been to one. And apparently this is unheard of in the arts & crafts community. But understand this, people. I live in a small town currently. The only Arts & crafts store we have is Jo-Ann. But I just did a search for a Michael's store in the town that we will be moving to in a few months, and they have one. =) Can't wait to have my first Michael's experience.

In the meantime (since I am not made of money, as previously pointed out), I created an Amazon wish list titled "RaineBow Supplies" and have just been adding all the supplies I could ever possibly want/need for my business there. And let me tell you, it is already quite a list. And there is always more to discover.

In other news: I got another favorite on an item in my shop yesterday. That makes 3 items favorited so far!!.... Only 2 if you don't count my Dad though, lol. I know, small number. But any small victory is a big one to me right now since I am just starting out. Also, I've had 2 total strangers like my facebook page. WOO! Like I said, people. Take pleasure in the small victories. They're worth something. So, I have not really created any more bows recently. My next one that will be available in my shop is probably going to be my FIRST RIBBON BOW! Which I am excited about. But I have been running short on time lately. My darling, sweet, precious, beautiful baby girl has decided that she is now going to be an attention-starved diva. =) So that has pretty much taken up all of my time.

As far as promoting goes, I have mainly been posting and exploring on Etsy for now, but I have ordered some business cards that I will be distributing on car windshields probably this weekend so we will see how that goes. Also, I officially am listed on the first page of the Google search results if you just type in "rainebow" in the search bar. Which is an awesome victory. Because sometimes people suck at spelling, and when that brain fart moment comes, my page will pop up for them to wonder around on. Mwahaha!

Guess that's it for now, hopefully will have some new creations up in my shop very soon.


P.S. If you would liek to visit any of the shops/videos I mentioned above, here are the links.
mommycraftsalot -
The Fairy Factory -
beadscraftz -

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