Thursday, March 22, 2012

Nothing Like the Smell of Sales in the Morning!

Last night was not so good. My baby girl let me sleep for maybe 4 hours if I combine it all, and I woke up this morning feeling poor and exhausted. I asked my husband to watch the kids for an hour so I could go back to bed for a little while. He said he would (my hubby is the best!) and so I went down to our bedroom, turned out the lights, kicked off my slippers, got under the covers..... and then decided to open my laptop just to take a peek at my shop and see how things were going. I had one new notification. I figured, probably a favorite of my treasury or something. Wrong. I sold another item!! This one:


Yay! I sent it off right away! I also renewed it and changed it to "made-to-order" instead of ready-to-ship. So excited! Hope Erin in West Virginia LOVES it!!! I am pumped up and ready to do some more promoting and work today!!


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