Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I Made Wednesday #1 - Plus Blogs, Linky, & Networking

I know, I know!! I just wrote yesterday. But you know what? I find myself wanting to write almost DAILY. So why not indulge? I mean, I make new discoveries with my business every day. So, why not write about them every day too?

As the title suggests, I have run into a LOT of interesting blogs today. Followed a bunch of them, taken notes, and decided to take some of their suggestions and ideas to heart. Among these things is What I Made Wednesday, which basically lets me take whatever I make every Wednesday and talk about it. Hopefully in the future it will also include LINKY! So that way it can turn into What YOU Made Wednesday. Which brings us to our next subject.

Linky!! It's amazing. I want it. I got my first sale on my Etsy shop thanks to someone else having Linky on their blog. And I want to spread the love. So I looked into it. Turns out, it is now a subscription thing. But this guy is only asking $24 to use Linky for the entire YEAR. That really isn't a whole lot to ask, and in the long run - the only question it poses is, "Am I dedicated to my blog and my business?" And the answer, without even thinking about it, is a very loud a resounding "YES." I love my shop, I love doing what I do, and if Linky is going to help me love it more  by gaining a bigger following, then so be it. $24 is a small price to pay. BUT - I need a blog post that people can actually link up to first! Ha!! So, I will be doing this 'What I Made Wednesday' for a few weeks on my own and then maybe I will subscribe and do link-up parties. I also have a few other ideas for the blog in mind, but for now I will keep them a secret. ;)

So as I said, I have seen a lot of really great blogs today. Some of them I am even thinking about linking to my own blog because they are so great! I will see what can be done about that, but for right now I am still trying to get used to the whole blogger deal haha. So here it is folks!! My very FIRST What I Made Wednesday!! Let's get it underway!!


This is my ORANGE ROSE BOW! (Click on the picture to see all the details in my shop). I am pretty much in love with it. It brought me back to basics. When I first opened, this was one of the only kinds of flower bows I even made. I forgot how much I enjoy making them, and love the end result. A lot of people have been favoriting these types of bows in my shop, too. So I figured I should make some more to give people more variety. This particular bow was inspired by a treasury that I recently made. Check it out!


 You can click the treasury to see the full version as well. It's amazing what treasuries can do for my inspiration. I'm excited to make more and see where my creativity leads me. =) I guess that's all for What i Made Wednesday!! Stay tuned for some more new stuff, and thanks for reading!!


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